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of the Ifugao State University.

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What's Inside?

Higher Education

Manage data on graduates, enrolments, licensure exams and more. Compare the trends with our dynamic data mining which can be used as basis for data analytics.

Research & Extensions

Manage researches and trainings easily. Using the Research/ Trainings Timeline to manage data with the inclusion of using tags can help find related topics or studies quickly.

Human Resource

Human resources are the most valuable and unique assets of an organization. Keeping tracks of all employee records has become easy with the use of this system sub-module.

Budget & Finance

The objective of this module is to provide information on the changes in our university performance and financial position that can be used to make financial and operating decisions.

Assets Management

Monitor and maintain our university assets using this system to provide the best possible services to our clients.

And More

More useful applications are included to make almost everything you do digitized.

How To

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Who We Are?


A globally recognized University upholding excellence amidst rich cultural heritage


Produce employable graduates who are morally upright, socially and culturally responsible professionals through quality, relevant, and innovative instruction, research, extension, and resource generation


- Academic excellence
- Strong research leadership and culture
- Sustainable extension and community engagement
- Excellent public service and good governance


1. Excellence—IFSU’s strong commitment to achieve superior quality outputs and services in the areas of instruction, research, extension, resource generation, and administration
2. Faith—IFSU’s strong belief and faith that there is GOD Almighty who guides the University in all its undertakings and endeavors. This also mirrors the University’s community members’ trust and confidence for each other toward harmonious living.
3. Integrity—IFSU’s adherence to moral and ethical values; conformity to principle-driven service in the pursuit of the University vision, mission and goals.
4. Service—IFSU’s recognition that the essence of its existence is to serve its clienteles and stakeholders for the common good.
5. Creativity—IFSU’s commitment to create and nurture a teaching and learning environment that encourages innovation, dynamism and resourcefulness in the pursuit to be globally recognized amidst rich cultural heritage. This includes provision of opportunities for critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.
6. Culture-sensitivity—IFSU’s commitment to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the province and the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my password after successfully registering?

Our system generates a unique password when you register as a new member or if you request for a password reset. This generated password will be sent to the email address you registered as your official username.

Why do account password expire? How many days or months before it expires?

A user password expire every after 90 days starting on the day the account was created or last updated. The main reason for including this feature is because of security. For further enlightment about this, please discuss it with our development team.

Is this available 24/7?

Absolutely YES! Our system is hosted in the world wide web making it available anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected on the internet.

Where can I get a printed copy of my Personal Data Sheet?

Printing of Personal Data Sheet is not yet included as a self service function in the system, however, you can still be able to get a copy of it by personally visiting the Human Resource Office or you can also send your request via email which is found in your MIS profile page.

Why can't I access some features of the system?

Our system is designed to be used by all active employees of the university because it contain useful functions that is used by different departments or offices. However, these functions are programmed to limit users based on their campus area, department or office and access role. For example, if you belong or works at the registrar office, you are therefore not allowed to access some functions dedicated to the other offices or departments like in the finance or budget.

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